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E1-2 Smart Watch Men Bluetooth Call Dial Personalizado Tela Táctil Completa À Prova D 'Água Smartwatch para Android IOS

R$ 99,99
R$ 89,99
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Idioma do relógio:
Chinês, inglês, japonês, polonês, alemão, russo, francês, espanhol, italiano, português
Nome do APK: TFIT
Bateria: 240mah
Uso normal: 3-7 dias
Tempo de espera: 15 dias
Modo de exibição: 1,28 tela redonda 240 * 240
Tela de toque: toque total
Largura da alça: 22 mm
Função principal:
Monitoramento do exercício: distância / calorias / passos / modo poliesportivo
Rastreamento de saúde: monitoramento da frequência cardíaca / monitoramento da pressão arterial / monitoramento do sono
Message notification: call, SMS, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, etc.
Bluetooth function: Bluetooth camera control/Bluetooth music control
Bluetooth call: caller/call history/
Other functions: Brightness/Alarm Clock/Sedentary Reminder/Find Phone/Find Watch/Weather/Raise your hand to brighten the screen
Note: The measurement principle of wearable devices is completely different from that of medical devices. Only for sports and fitness reference, thank you.






Note: Wearable devices monitor human activities through electronic sensors. They are at the level of consumer electronics. It's normal to have certain deviation. The health test results of the watch are for reference only, and can not be compared with medical equipment. When the watch is placed on the surface of the object, there will be heart rate / blood pressure and other test results. It is normal and not a product defect.

Note:Please download APP firstly, and bind the watch, Do not use the mobile phone Bluetooth to directly link the watch. If it is already connected, please delete the matched watch from the mobile phone Bluetooth matching device.





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