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Lemfo Iwo 13 Pro W37 relógio inteligente masculino 2021 chamada Bluetooth com discagem personalizada monitor de sono fem

R$ 85,99
R$ 75,99
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Caros amigos, devido à escassez de matéria-prima para relógios, os fabricantes não conseguem fazer relógios suficientes. Ajustamos nosso estoque e preço. Voltaremos ao preço e estoque anteriores após o fornecedor retomar a capacidade de produção. Espera-se que demore de 1 a 2 semanas.
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Lemfo IWO W37 Smart Watch

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Dicas de compras

1. You can place an order to buy three quantities of blue watches to get more discounts. Leave a message on the order about the blue you need. After seeing the message, the staff of the store will modify the color of the watch and declare the low value (the logistics method needs to be aliexpress standard shipping)
2. Solution to failure of smart phone to connect to watch.
Restore the watch to the factory settings.
Turn on the Bluetooth of the watch and add a device in the APP (Wearfit Pro).
Connect the (WATCH CALL) in the Bluetooth of the smart phone again.(Not connect Watch in Smartiphone Bluetooth)
Set phone book, information push and other functions in app.

Brazil specific discount code

The receiving address is the discount code that can be used in Brazil, which can be used together with the coupon.

Watch specifications

Screen:1.75inch TFT screen, 320*385 pixel
Touch panel:Multiple touch
Battery:230MAH Lithium ion polymer battery, 150mins to full charge
waterproof:life waterproof
Do not use in hot water or sauna

Watch function

Bluetooth call and answer
DIY Watch dail
Call book
Message Push
Split screen display
Heart rate and blood pressure measurement
Sleep record
Sport data record
alarm clock,Stopwatch,Music control,Calculator, remote photography, password protection, etc


English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Persian,Chinese, Traditional Chinese


1.75 Inch HD Screen
320*385 pixel resolution
80% color saturation
Especially in black background and the whole interface is integrated with the border almost as black as the AMOLED display.

Diy Watch Dial

1.You can set the picture in your mobile phone as the dial of your watch through app
2.There can be two UI interfaces on one screen
You can set common functions in another interface, just swipe to open it

Quick operation

1.Screw button:
You can rotate the screw button to switch the picture of the watch
You can also switch function options
2.You can set the flip wrist to light up the screen
Easy to see time and information

Bluetooth call&message push

1.You can use your watch to make and receive calls
At the same time, it has the function of phone book and call record
2.The watch can receive information notification from mainstream applications and support 25 common languages.

Health protection

The watch uses an ECG monitor.have Heart rate, blood pressure monitoring function
Be able to monitor and record your health and sleep data all the day.

Multiple sport modes

More than 10 sports modes can accurately record your sports energy consumption and sports data

other functions

The watch also has some convenient functions, such as music control, calculator and countdown
Sleep record, breathing training, password protect .etc


The battery capacity of the watch is 230mah
The watch has two standby modes.
One is watch mode, which turns off Bluetooth function and can be used for 5-10 days.
The other is call mode, which can be used for 2-3 days with Bluetooth module on all day.
Watch can resist the common wet environment in life, and can be worn on rainy days and when washing hands.
But it cannot be used in hot baths and saunas, as well as in seawater, because hot water and acidic liquids can corrode electronic components

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